Google Loves Video

"So why is it useful to have video on your website?". This is a question we've been asked so many times that we are thinking of having it printed on our t-shirts, however it is an important question. The answer, however, is relatively simple.

As human beings in the Western world we tend to have access to computer screens every day in our working lives. Furthermore, our personal world can often be guided by what's on the TV. As such, we are used to taking in information primarily through our eyes, and this includes The News. So when we see information on a computer screen, our minds identify this as a familiar, and trusted medium.

Using this fact, we can communicate our key messages more effectively through the computer or mobile phone screen. This applies to information on many issues, from how to clean a filter on a piece of equipment, to giving an overview of a company or its products. Even more effective is the possibility of doing Customer Video Testimonials, which can give prospective purchasers warm feelings from a real person, about what you provide.

So that's the warm and fluffy stuff. The other key reason for putting video on your web-site is that it increases something called the "dwell time" of your website visitor. By clicking on a video and watching it, they stay on your site longer, which gives Google the hots for them. As a result you are likely to rise higher in the Google search rankings, and hence increase sales.

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