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But We Can't Afford a Video!

Many people think that making having a video for their web-site is expensive and complicated, yet nothing could be further from the truth. The benefits of putting a video on your site is that it is a great way of communicating with your customers and prospects, and it will move you up the Google rankings. So how do you set an affordable budget?

The first task is to decide on what you are trying to communicate, and to what audience. It is very different demonstrating how to change a filter on a product, against showing a happy existing customer saying how good you are to work with. Then it is important to select a production company that suits your size of business. Try and get a recommendation from another business, or look at samples of potential providers’ work on their web-sites. If they only show blue-chip companies as clients, then they may not be suitable for you. If the videos you see aren’t very good, then of course move on. Try and see if their web-site speaks in a tone of voice that appeal to you.

We now come on to the money. A number of factors govern the price. How many locations need to be visited, and where are they? How long do you want the video to be? How many people will be appearing in the video? Do you want animation? Music can be free, but if you want the Rolling Stones or Coldplay, it can add thousands to the price.

As an example, a ninety-second customer video testimonial, with a single location, some library music, and a bit of top and tail branding could come in for a few hundred pounds. And remember, to have a video you don’t even need a web site.


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